About us


                G-press(Jiangsu hongdong industrial automation co.,ltd)  is a company that operates on a large scale, dealing internally with R&D, design, production and sales having its HQ based in Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province (China).

                Its roots come from the former historic Italian company Gasparini (at the time a worldwide press brake manufacturing leader) from which derives important knowledge and technical developments. The actual production site and R&D technology center was built in 2020 and it covers an area of 20,000 sqm.

                G-Press is a group of companies with 2 other branch facilities. One is located in Italy which covers service for the entire European market; the second is located in Brazil which covers the South American market.

                The company has a wide range of press brakes that goes from the smallest 25 tons up to 2,000 tons with length of 12 meter; it also includes special application such as robotized cells which are usually customized equipment.

                The company philosophy is to always be attentive to advanced European construction concepts, to the technological development of components in order to always be able to respond to the demands of the sheet metal market and the large Chinese production needs. Much importance is also given to energy saving, efficiency and productivity solutions with particular reference to Industry 4.0.

                In addition to press brake and robotized cells, G-press can offer also riveting machines as well as fiber laser cutting machines (thanks to local and specialized partnerships).

                G-Press has set a wide marketing and after sales service center spread out in different locations such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shandong, Guangdong (Shenzen) and it can count on the cooperation of a professional team of people.

                Our goal is to do our best to provide high value-added technical solutions for all our customers ,and establish a long-term WIN-WIN relationship.

                Application Field

                The company's products are widely used in electronic information; rail transit; automobile manufacturing; chassis cabinets; environmental protection equipment; building curtain walls; high-voltage towers; ships; household appliances; elevators; military industry and other fields. .


                Relying on high technology, high quality and high service, we will practice the development of industrial automation and become an industrial automation supplier that is recognized by the industry and favored by customers.


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